Simon David Smith has been painting since he left school, for over 30 years now. Born in the in lush Devon countryside, he moved to a sleepy gentile seaside town in South Devon, which his family bought a large detached Victorian, with enormous spooky rooms and a beautiful staircase, that Simon and his siblings would slide down the bannisters of, the top of which was a feature coloured glass window that reflected spectrums of colour, flooding it down the stairs, into the hallway, which fired up his imagination as child, that inner child he still resonates.

His formative years was heavily influenced by the world of music and the shining stars in it, and this is reflected in the style of imagery he was producing in the 1980s. Simon has produced paintings and artwork for album covers, for both national and international music artists.

Travelling extensively in his 20’s, he spent a period of time living off Vancouver Island, Canada, where intense meetings with the Shaman, deepened his interest in the first nation culture which continues to this day. Simon continued to hitchhike around America, he fell in love with the West Coast of America, and he befriended many artists, in particular one who had a distinct influence on his life, Jerry Jasper. He created many of his favourite works, still sufficed by the Californian sunlight.

Simon has always been passionate about nature, he has a great love of the garden, and green fingers to prove it. This last decade, Simons work took a giant leap forward, living in the Sussex countryside, with more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the UK, has lifted his spirits. He has been combining surreal and abstract nature, with his love of spiritual and sacred folklore. Simon has only in the last year owned a computer, and his experimentations in his daily meditations of artwork has enabled him to produce stunning images form his original creations, which one of his clients declared; ” I could gaze at this forever. “

“Love up and Spirit on…………” Simon David Smith

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